Working Relationships

Our grant audit services are managed by Jill Elliott who has been with CAL for eleven years. She firmly believes that staff continuity is the foundation for successful service delivery and takes pride in the close working relationships she has developed with CAL's clients. 


Through Jill CAL has developed a successful track record in forging excellent working relationships with clients. One of the benefits of this approach is the development of working practises and methodologies that really work.

Jill and her team invest the necessary time and effort at the beginning of each new commission to ensure that day to day working practices run efficiently and effectively. With an in depth knowledge of grant audit work Jill and her team are able to provide this service from the outset. This reduces considerably the amount of administrative time that client's need to spend with us.

As part of the process we are happy to facilitate workshops for PIs, Research Administrators and other interested parties to discuss the audit approach and address any issues connected with the auditing of grant funded projects. We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with current and future funding programmes and sharing this knowledge with our clients.