Quality Control

CAL has a quality management arrangement that requires all grant audit work to be undertaken personally by one of its’ experienced and qualified directors. They are individually responsible for ensuring that all work is undertaken in accordance with best practice and in compliance with the auditing guidelines issued by the Auditing Practices Board as well as any relevant EC requirements.


Where necessary, peer reviews are incorporated into the work in order to provide additional assurance on more complex assignments. In addition, independent quality control checks are undertaken (post-event) by GKP Chartered Accountants, who closely inspect the audit files for every grant audit project.


Consequently, CAL undertakes to correct any errors and, if necessary, issue revised certificate at no additional cost to clients. For additional piece of mind, CAL has professional indemnity insurance in place to a value of £5M (approx €5.5M).


Audit certificates are issued electronically, as well as in hard copy, and working papers are retained for a period of six years or, if requested, are forwarded to clients for retention. The working papers detail the level of testing undertaken; highlight any ineligible costs that have been removed and any other audit issues for the client to note. Following completion, it is normal practice for CAL to assist clients in the investigation and resolution of any queries raised by the client’s or EC’s Auditors.