Lists of Top Issues

We often ask people to provide us with their lists of top issues concerning a particular subject. Here are the ones we have received so far.

Five Key Elements for Initiating Successful Projects

Jennifer Bayliss from the National Audit Office and PACAF Executive member, drew our attention to an NAO Guide that identifies the five key factors of successful project initiation. The Guide stresses that the quality of the initiating stages of a project are highly predictive of project success. Clearly, a must read document for all auditors who should perhaps ensure they focus their attention on the early stages of a project lifecycle.

The top ten risks that auditors should be aware of when reviewing the operational phase of PFI schemes

Shortly after CIPFA published 'A Practical Guide to the Internal Audit of the Operational Phase of PFI Projects' we asked the authors, David Catterall of CEAC and Steve Wood of NHS Wales, for what they saw as being the main risks that they think auditors should consider when reviewing operational PFI projects. This is what they told us.

Ten Principles for securing VFM when services are delivered through markets

Jennifer Bayliss from the National Audit Office has kindly summarised the main principles identified by the NAO as requiring clear oversight if value for money is to be achieved when public services are delivered through markets

Checklist to help identify potential fraud during an audit

During his presentation on Forensic Auditing to the 2011 PACAF Conference, Chris Clement, Partner with Grant Thornton, highlighted many traits which a good auditor could identify during an audit which could mean that a fraud may be taking place. The key areas are summarised here.

Checklist on managing legal and contracting risks

At the 2011 PACAF Conference, James Falle, Managing Associate at Addishaw Goddard LLP, spoke about the legal aspects associated with procurement. He warned delegates that authorities are seeing increased numbers of claims from potential contractors who feel that they have not been dealt with fairly during procurement exercises. Here is the checklist he provided to us of the questions that must be asked to reduce the risk of being challenged at the end of the process.  

Contract Monitoring Checklist

Checking whether contractors and service providers are actually delivering the specified requirements under a contract is arguably a weak area of the procurement process. The question of whether goods works or services are being received correctly in return for the payments being made, is often overlooked once a contract has been signed or order issued. So to help reviews in this area, the Midland Contract Audit Group has provided us with a useful ten-point checklist.