Audit Programmes

PACAF has compiled five high-level audit programmes, that cover key areas in procurement and contract audit. PACAF believes that completion of these audits is necesary to provide overall assurance that an organisation has minimised the risks associated with its procurement and contract activities.


One of PACAF's objectives is to facilitate the widespread adoption of best practice in contract audit. Therefore, these audit programmes, as outlined below, are freely available by subscribing to this site.


Procurement Strategy

How does the organisation manage procurement? In particular, how does it determine the best way of achieving its objectives and securing VFM, whilst taking account of risks, constraints, funding and ownership?

Project Management

How does the organisation manage projects?   How does it plan, organise, and manage resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives?

Capital Programme Management

How does the organisation monitor prioritisation and delivery of projects?  How effective are its tracking and reporting procedures?

Operational Risk Management

How does the organisation manage its operational risks?  How does it mitigate risks of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events?

Purchasing Goods

How is the organisation set up to manage the purchase of goods?

Does it ensure that it obtains best value through the use of ‘eAuctions’ collaborative purchasing and buying agencies?

PACAF will be compiling more detailed audit programmes to supplement the above, each dealing with specific areas. So be sure to check regularly for any new additions. In this respect, by subscribing to this site you will automatically be emailed copies of our monthly newsletter which will let you know of any new or revised material anywhere within the CAL website.


Further, if you have an audit programme relating to contracts and procurement that you would be willing to share via PACAF, and publicise on this site, then please contact us.