Free Guidance

After nealy 40 years involvement in the audit of contracts and procurement, CAL's Ken Odgers is now releasing his large database of audit programmes and guides to anyone who is interested.


Ken's objective is to facilitate the widespread adoption of best practice in contract audit. Therefore, these audit guides, as outlined below, are freely available by subscribing to this site. Over the coming months more guides will be released, so be sure to check regularly for any new additions. In this respect, once you have subscribed to our site, you will automatically be emailed copies of our monthly newsletter which will let you know of any new or revised material anywhere within the CAL website.

The Procurement lifecycle

Explanations of the eight interlocking and repetitive stages that together make up the procurement lifecycle.


Corporate Procurement Strategy

An overview of the main issues that need to be addressed throughout an organisation if it is to manage procurement expenditure effectively. Among the issues to be considered are:

  • How through a detailed spend analysis, raw expenditure data can be collected and turned into the management information that is vital if procurement expenditure is to be managed effectively;
  • The need to consider the procurement structurewithin the organisation and the relative advantages and disadvantages of devolving procurement responsibility from the corporate centre;
  • The role and responsibilites of a Head of Procurement; and
  • The need to carry out procurement skills audits to ensure all officers have the necessary skills to undertake the tasks associated with their jobs.


Contract Procedure Rules

The key issues that need to be addressed to ensure an organisation’s contract procedure rules encourage delivery of its corporate procurement strategy.


Tendering Procedures

If you are reviewing a contract, or undertaking a systems based review,

our 'TenderingProcedures: 20 key issues', which outlines the essential ingredients of every competitive tendering process, could be of use to you.


Liquidated and Ascertained Damages

Perhaps one of the most straight-forward contract audit exercises to undertake, this guide highlights the key controls to include in your audit programme.


Auditing a Contract

A checklist of more than 100 points to help steer those who wish to undertake a review of a specific contract.